31 Hours and counting

Typeing this on the new netbook i bought today to stop myself destroying my $3K laptop on the trip...
i fucking hate this little keyboard, but the system itself is super fast online.
tiny little HP thing with no roms at all, a 250G solid state HDD, 3xUSB and an SD reader. perfect for us because if we ride the way we usualy do we'll probably land on it and reconfigure it into what is known in I.T. circles as 'proper fucked'.
still, considering that in 24 hours i'll be going ot sleep here for the last time for a while it's going fairly well.
still need to swap my rear tyre out, and do my rear pads, and repack my shit, and check Boo's shit, and load the bikes but not too bad. oh, and Boo's sister gave me her goddamn flu. i was so out of it at work yesterday that was hallucinating spiders crawling on the walls next to the laptop. and we all know how much i love australian spiders... fuck you australia, why are your spiders trying to kill me. isn't it bad enough i've go crazy ex' trying to do that with out you throwing your spiders at me as well?

fuckit, i just noticed that this thing doesn't have a spell checker.
crap, my useless, incomprehensible dribble is going to be even worse now.
i wonder how i turn it on if it has one?
fuck it, i'm going ot bed.
someone comment on this thing so iknow it works...

oh, and for the 2 people who read this, i'm going to try and send SMS to a couple of friends of mine. they will have the passwords to login here and post them up as actual post type things, and whenever we get to a place with 2 tin cans and some string we'll post up the photos and videos as we go as well.

feel the love fuckers, i dug up an old photo from a trip we did a while ago. Boo on the ZZR road bike, somewhere near Woodenbong?.?. i know where it is, you go look it up yourself. asshat.

and me on a trip we did a while ago. this is nearly 300Kg of off road tourer about to go crunch on landing. i love that bike. it's for sale of you know anyone who wants a brilliant off road tourer. never been dropped, never been off road... much. as you can see from the insert.

now piss off, i'm sick...

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