and a day in sydney. day 18

day 18 sydney.
spent the day doing maintenance and sorting some bike issues out.
during the course of this trip we'd done around 7000k so far, and the dunlop 606's we were running on the rear were looking a little second hand. the air filters we had needed a clean and oil, and my front sprocket was totally stuffed. to be fair, the chain and sprocket were looking a bit sad before we left and the corrugations taken at speed with a load on board had pretty much finished them off. the chain will do me back to brisbane but the sprocket was as hooked as a hooked thing and kept grabbing the chain. so a quick $35 and a new sprocket was fitted. the air filter we bought just a couple of days before we left. when we washed it in cobar it delaminated on us and we were stuck with the same filter for Boo as she'd been running for a few K's now. we gave Mark at Team Moto virginia a call and explained what had happened and he helped us out way above and beyond. he stuck a new filter into an overnight bag and shipped it down to the blacktown store for us. total legend. and then the guys at the blacktown team moto cut a great deal on a couple tyres and some chain lube and oil. brilliant. and a huge shout out to the ADV guys, and particularly fatguts Mccantride and sydadvgs for a gimme tourance for Boo's ride. i love the people on the ADV forum. did we tell you that a couple of them had been following us by the spots and giving people stop by stop run downs? how cool is that. cool, and a little creepy. but mostly cool.
quick oil change and clean air filters and we are ready to rock in the morning. all set for the last 1000k's. we're taking a few days for the return and the plan is to spend thursday night at urbenville and then into the hospital. and now we've just finished dinner and desert, and we leave early tomorrow for the last bit. haven't decided yet whether we are going coast road or inland yet, but probably inland.
more later. out

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