HEY YOU!! We saw sunset at Uluru, what did you do?

so,day 6. Atitjere to Stuarts wells.
left Atitjere pretty early after a great feed of egg and beacon rolls from the local communnity canteen. the kids there were awesome. every single one of them said hi and had a huge smile. they were really excited to be going to school and just having a ball. the community is very small but starting to develop a tourist presence out here.
refilled and back onto the3 bulldust corrogations to Alice Springs. you know about that because we had a short burst of internets before we left. we ran straight from alice to a place called stuart Wells, famous apparantly for "dinky the singing dingo' and some meteor craters. we didn't get to see the dingo or the craters unfortunatly, but we did get a room and spend a night indoors. which was good because the whole place was overrun with mice.

day 7, one week in. Stuart Wells to Yulara/uluru.
we're here!
we finally made it to the turnaround point.
rolled into Yulara today at about 13:30. we'd been getting glimpses of the rock for a while and the road into yulara keeps winding through the low hills and partially hiding the view. when the whole thing is there it's pretty awe inspiring. found a camp in the only place you're allowed to put a tent within 100 klm of here(the local resort) and dropped a load of our gear there. then ran straight out to the Olgas. spectacular. we hiked a couple of klm into the trail wearing bike boots and jackets. people were giving us a LOT of strange looks. but the jackets ahd our water in them so they stayed, and the boots give great ankle support so they stayed as well. when we got the obligatory photos done we hiked back to the bikes and headed for the lookouts at uluru.
found one of the best set of twisties we've riden in a long time behind uluru, spent a little while playing there then went to the sunset lookout to watch... well, sunset.
then back here for a dinner and some quality time with the net.

and because we love you fuckers so much, i'm going to upload and post a tonne of photos now.

here are, in approximate order, a stack of photos from the trip so far. most of the stuffis either on Boo's camera which we can't download till we get home, or in the videos that we can't still nd sort here. this is just the stuff from my phone, so fuck you and be patient already.
here we go.

loaded up and ready to leave
everything for 3 weeks
rest stop at miles
dinosaur foot trash can in winton
leaving Mt Isa
180klm out of Mt Isa at Urangandgi we had the first bike mishap. the plate broke off. but we fixed it...
what the NT government wants you to know
what the QLD government wants you to know. fuck you QLD
Boo at the NT sign. shame they can't spell...
parked in no-mans-land. i peed here.
pulled up for first nights camp.
wierd little rock cairn thing along the plenty highway.
rocks at the olgas
except there's no fence...
sunset at uluru.

as i said, this is just a small percentage of the photos, and just the ones on the phone. more as we go when we can, and the rest as we can when we get back.
it's late and i have to be up in 5 hours.

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