internets is alive at Marree!

day 13 coward springs to marree so far.
this is just a half day because we have some access here at a telecenter. at least i think we will.
we pulled into town and refueled, then had lunch at the marree roadhouse. we'd stopped a few times to take some photos and when the sign here said it had a laundry and internet we decided to spend some time housekeeping and updating this thing.
got directions from the telecenter (internets place) for where the laundry was, but by the time we'd set that up and walked back, the internets was closed. ohnoes, no internets! i'm typing this up in the laundry and hoping the woman has just gone to lunch and not closed for the day.
when we finish up here we'll head on to lyndhurst. we'll refuel and buy an extra jerry there for the stretzlecki track. we'll probably stay in lyndhurst tonight and start the track in the morning.

after a few tries the nets is workings again! so posts for you all!
enjoy the damn posts.
i'm about to upoad a shit load of photos and do a quick photo post, but i get the idea that my concept of a connection might melt theirs. we'll se how we go. and then Boo will come on and say hi. maybe.

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