new one for day 11

day 11 coober pedy
after a bit of thought and some calculations to work out timing, we decided to spend another day in cooberpedy and play tourist.we couldn't afford to stay in the hotel but we found a place that did underground camping. underground camping?Fuck yeah, gotta try that!
the place had big caverns dug out with areas for you put a tent up in. it was warmer than outside, very quite and we didn't need the fly on the tent. great idea and the place was pretty full. cheap too, and they did a cool little tour of the old mine the place was based on . we went on anouther mine tour at a place called toms working opal mine and met the owner, a scotsman called jimmy who was the stereotype of the drunken scots miner. funny as hell, and only mostly sober, but full of info. great tour if you are in coober pedy.
stayed the nite in a tent underground and slept well, what more could you ask for.

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