next 3 days

day 4 Mt isa to Tobermorey.
after the godaweful morning of fixing flats and sorting tyres we finally left Mt isa around midday. nice to see we had an early start.
headed toward a place called uragangi. that's the place that everyone in Mt isa warned us would lead to us being raped and murdered within minutes of arrival.
what an awesome little place. the woman running the pub there was fantastically helpful with info, sold us fuel and food and then sat with us for a chat while we had lunch. the local kids were having a great time waving and hiding. brilliant little place.
from there we headed towards tobermorey, a place that up until mid 2007 was a fuel and food stop on the plenty highway. now it's a crossroads.
we went about 50K's further west and camped in the bush by the side of the road.
very quite, bright stars, lots of little animals running around in the bush. beautiful.

day 5. tobermorey to Atitjere
worst road day, best ride day.
deep sand, lots of corrugations, and some pretty impressive holes all make for interesting riding and fun times.
we left around 9am after an early wake up, some coffee, and a reorganise of our gear. we also had to wait for the tent fly to dry out enough to pack. this is going to be a recurring theme.
started along the road. for the first 40k's it flat, fast smooth dirt that let us cruise at 100, same as the day before. then we hit the bulldust. dakar fans know it as fesh fesh. very fine, dry dust that shifts more than riding in sand, and flows into holes making it hard to see how deep they are. we started the feshfesh sections at 20-30kph. within about 10k's we were up on the pegs and holding about 60. that seems to be a good bike speed to not die with, and still float over the dust the best. a few times i let Boo get ahead and did a bit of a run up to her. at around 90 the whole thing smooths out and it's quick and easy, but if it goes wrong at that speed it'l be not good, so back down to 60 we went. we were over taken by a BMW X-5 at about 130KPH. he left lots of room, and was very polite, and was no trouble at all which is good because 30 minutes down the road we pulled over to help him fix a flat tyre he'd got by hitting one of the hard sections at 130kph. helped him and his friend swap the tyre out and had a few jelly snakes then headed on. Boo had got the dust and sand down pat by now and we could belt along pretty well. decided to pull over at a place called Atitjere for the night as it was a little community that had a takeaway. the takeaway was closed by the owner told us to go camp in what will be the information center one day and come back for breakfast. we did. it was good.
we're in alice now, heading towards uluru, i'l put up more when we can, and pictures when i have a stable connection through my phone. until then, thanks to Dingo and Hillbilly for forwarding the texts to here for both of our followers to read.
catch you all later

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