First post for the new blog. I have officially descended into mediocrity...

Oh, excellent.
Yet another Blog to add to the mire of rampant ramblings by nascent Mad Cat Ladies and Grumpy Old Men.
Seeing as how i don't have a cat, i guess my half of this will be the G.O.M. part.
What it actually will be is a journal of the trips Boo and I take.
The immediate impetus for creating this would be the fact that we are 18 days away from leaving on a 3 week, 4000Klm round trip from Brisbane to Uluru and back taking mostly the old desert tracks and out of the way towns.
With a bit of luck we'll be able to update this while we are out there, but in the meantime we'll stick up some of the preparation on here.

But not now because it's midnight and i have to be up in a few hours.
I wonder if i'll remember to update this?
Maybe Boo will?

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  1. Hey guys :) It's the thing to do eh? :P I will put up a link and comment your blog on mine when you do interesting posts on your trip!