Prepping for the trip

i said i'd post some shit about the prep for the trip.
we i put up the tent we're using for the trip for the first time tonight. we borrowed it form hillbilly weeks ago and i kept meaning to actually put it up.
i never did until tonight.
it's a tent. it's going to be fine.
i also made soup on the camp stove last night.
it's a stove. it's going to be fine.

i ordered my bags yesterday when we got the money from the sale of the ZZR. a set of Andy Strapz expedition panniers and straps. when they get here i'll take a photo.
actually, i'll post a whole load of photos in the next few days.
but not now 'cause i'm a lazy asshole.
i suppose i should also let whoever the hell reads this know what we have done to the bikes.
but not now.
go away.

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