More backstory. more photos, less profanity. probably...

so in our last exciting installment of our heroes continuing story, we left the bikes in deep water, the riders very wet, and the scenery being washed into the bay.

in this episode we'll have a look at the subtle transformation the bikes underwent to get them ready for the trip. the changes are small, and might be difficult to see so concentrate and spot the differences between these two photos.

the day we picked them up. 3 weeks later, after the changes.

now concentrate. concentrate. can you spot the minor changes we made?

here's Boo's bike on the same day.

a quick glance will show that Boo has a thing for blue, while i prefer black.
the majority of changes to both bikes are the same. the only real difference between the the bikes is the fuel tank. i'm using a fuck off huge 32litre tank by safari in black, while Boo is riding with an IMS 20litre blue one.
oh, and because Bo is a short, short person, we've lowered the suspension on her bike to let her reach the ground.

which brings us to the list of mods. and what a little list it is.
we start with the tanks. high impact ballistic plastic made right here in Australia.
good solid product and the safari gives me around 600klm range. or it will when i cut the hard pipe as described a few posts ago.
Boo's IMS gives her around 340klm to dry and walking...
the pegs that come on the DR are fairly narrow. for the non motorcycling folks reading this, pegs are footpegs, the bits you stand on. we've replaced the standard ones with wide, pivoting pegs funnily enough called pivot pegz. aren't they shiny

next up is the screen we use. once again for the non riders. the bright blue screen on the front of Boo's bike is designed to deflect airflow up and over her and reduce the wind pressure on her at high speed.

that photo is pretty handy to show the next mod as well. Barkbusters are the alloy spined, plastic shield that cover the parts of the handlebars you hang onto. barkbusters are designed to protect both your hands, and just as importantly, the controls when you crash.
let this photo illustrate my point...
or maybe this would show it better?

wow, i can't believe that nothing has broken yet...
bored now,
come back later.

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