Prepping for the trip, a Backstory. a LONG backstory. with pictures. hurrah!

gather ye round, oh my children, and allow my words to paint pictures upon your minds eye more vivid than a masters canvas.
our story starts, as so many do, at the beginning, and shall continue through the middle and on to the end.
it was lo those many moons ago, in the early days of the last month of the year (december 4th 2010, to be precise)that Boo and i did venture out unto the world to collect our new motorcycles. fine was the weather and glad our hearts as we made our way to the center of our new world, the Virginia Team Moto Suzuki store.

OI, you kids down the back, sit the fuck down and shut up!
i'm trying to tell a goddamn story here.
fuckin' heathens.

within this Aladdin's cave of treasure, actually, did you know the cave wasn't called aladdins cave at all? it was called the cave (or cavern, depends on the translation you use)of wonders? true story. cave of wonders. anyway, within this cave of wonders we met with Mark and Dan who greatly assisted us in our quest to blow through eighteen grand in cash and bank cheques as fast as was humanly possible.

during the week previous we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find and acquire the correct motorcycles for the trip.
we looked at many brands, many styles, many capacities. we took into account the distance they must travel, the terrain they must cross, the load they must carry, the fact that Boo is so short she's lucky her feet reach the ground, the style of riding we were going to be doing. all these many things were taken into consideration and finally a choice, a decision, a victor!
the Suzuki DR650.
yes. the venerable doctor. a vehicle of such surpassing robustness and, dare i say, iron character that no other choice was possible. the fact that they are cheap, easy to repair, and litter the adventure riding landscape like the multitude of stars in the firmament had nothing to do with it. much.
yes, a choice was made and on that fine and hallowed day we made the pilgrimage to Virginia to bask in their warming and nourishing glow, pay up the huge wedge of readies we owed, and take the new toys home.
little do the poor, virginal white, unsullied beauties know what was to happen to them.
look at them there, pure as the driven snow. showing a carefree, unlined face to the world. so beautiful.

so soon to be molested and modified. in fact, within an hour of convincing the lovely lady to accompany me home home i already had her top off
that's pretty much as far as i can go with the seduction analogy without it getting really creepy.
suffice to say within a couple of hours i had swapped the standard steel bars for protaper alloy ones, fitted riser blocks under tsaid new bars, removed the original narrow footpegs and replaced them with austrailian made Pivot Pegz, and hardwired my GPS in.
she's already starting look a bit different, and just in time for Boo and me to head out to Mt Mee that afternoon.now those of you reading this must attempt to cast your minds back to the first week of december last year. remember that before the floods in january, there were heavy rains and widespread flooding of southeast queensland?
well, there was, just trust me on this and shut up. we have owned the new bikes less than a day. we have owned the new bikes less than half a day.
they are only a few hours old and we decided to see how they handled the dirt (or mud as it may be) and were confronted this... now, i know what you're thinking. "but Boo is short, so how deep could it really be?" she's not THAT short. it was pretty fucking deep, ok? we were lucky to survive and not drown like rats. DEEEEEPPPPP!
here she is walking back. see? SEE! DDDEEEEEEEEEPPP!
i've got a short boring video of her walking across but can't embed it, so here's alink instead. god i'm good to you. http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad214/lupine_photos/?action=view¤t=DRforstRide005.mp4
nah, screw it, i'll put the video of the first ever rideon the DRs up here instead.
remember this is taken just hours after we picked them up from the shop. all i've had time to do is fit my bars and pegs and fit the barkbuster handguards to both bikes.

that was a fun ride.
i'm getting bored, so i'm going to go climb into bed now. i'll put up more soon.
or i won't. depends on whether i decide i like any of you assholes enough to bother...
go away now.

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