day 16

day 16 camerons to cobar.
left camerons reasonably on time for a change and headed south for white cliffs. good road, but not great. and then you turn left at the tool tree and the whole thing changes. absolutely brilliant, fantastic, awesome road. the single best road we have ridden to date. fairly firm, a bit rocky, and lots of curves and crests. it runs through some of the nicest scenery we've come across but it's the road that makes this the best part of the trip for me. we rolled into white cliffs with huge smiles and plenty of adrenaline used up. had a good lunch and was given the bad news that from here on in it would all be asphalt for us. i reset the tyre pressures and we headed on to Willcania for a refuel. nice town, with kids playing cricket in the street. we tried to meet the ADV guy from there but apparently he was in white cliffs going for a ride. maybe next time. next stop for us would be cobar, quite a way down the road considering what time it was. decided to just push on into the night and get a room when we got there. and that's just what we did, by following a road train and let him be our roo bar and flood lights. have to say that the trucks and road trains have been really good for the whole trip. whenever we have meet up with them they have given us plenty of room, and have been really polite the whole time. not a single bad incident the whole run. and the road trains were the thing everyone warned us most about. but like the dangers of stopping in small towns, completely overblown. if we'd listened to and followed the advice of a lot of the people who were telling us this shit, we'd have stayed home. the two places we were specifically warned about (urandangie and willcania) were really pleasant and the people we met were fantastic. for gods sake, go and see this stuff for yourself, don't be put off by what everyone else knows. usually they haven't been there themselves and are just regurgitating whatever shit they were fed by some asshole who's never been there either. almost as bad is the person who was someplace 20 years ago and is absolutely certain that that's the way it is now. Bah!
anyway, we went to bed in a nice hotel and got warm again. you don't want to know. really, you don't.

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