day 15, more crap from us.

day 15 Camerons to Tibooburra.
after a good nights sleep and (surprise surprise) a late start, we went on into the corner for lunch and a refuel. and when you go to see Fenn And Cheryl i'm sure you'll hear about the weird queenslander who opened the gate rather than use the grid... yep, that was us. the way we pulled up it looked like the fence ran along the road and we needed to open the gate. we looked like total muppets. sweet!
had a great chat with fenn and cheryl and got all the goss on the behavior of the participants of the scrapheap challenge and tenere tragics so we have all the blackmail info we need on you lot now. should shut you up about the gate. while we were there we realized we were 4 days ahead of schedule we decided to make a short detour. instead of heading home from tibooburra, we thought we'd have a look at sydney. gave hillbilly a call and checked that finances would be ok and the desition was made, "onto sydney we go!" finished lunch, finished gossiping, got a messageto give the owners of the tibooburra hotel and got our fuel. left there for tibooburra and gave it a bit of a belting. nice fast road, bit sandy in places which isn't something that Boo enjoys but i was having a ball the whole time. we'll have a whole new rack of skills with which to enjoy the snail trail rides.
because we'd started a bit late and stayed a bit longer than we should have at the corner, we ended up running a bit later into the night than we really wanted to, but it was still fun. made it there just on dark and got a room. handed on the message from camerons corner "get fucked" and then asked for a room. if it hadn't been a recurring joke between these two it might have been better to do that in the other order.
actually, funny side story for you. when we were about to leave the corner, cheryl got a call from a friend of hers who had left about half an hour before heading west. she'd called to say that she'd nearly had a head on with a big pack of little suzuki 4x4's doing a run from the WA coast to byron bay. we'd heard about these guys from a couple we met in yulara. apparently they were a bit of a bunch of dicks and not exactly careful in a couple of cases. anyway, cheryl tells us about these guys who almost had the head on, and then had the hide to abuse the local woman for being there. any of you who have met Fenn will know how he's going to react to that. first words out of his mouth as they arrive? "so which one of you idiots nearly had the head on?". we left, headed to tibooburra, and about half way there had 3 of them catch up up and pass. first two were fine, sat back for a minute, then passed when we moved over for them. this was in the loose sandy section about 50k out. the third one was a complete asshole. blasted past without giving any room, then floored it and showered us in rocks and gravel. no prizes for guessing who had nearly had the head on. we pulled into the tibooburra hotel and the bar guy told us that the suzuki 4x4 guy had just left in a bit of a huff when they couldn't get a room with an ensuite. bar guy gives us the last room and 10 minutes later the suzuki guy comes back since there wasn't really anywhere else to stay at that point. he gets even more huffy when he finds out there are no more rooms. i think he ended up in the caravan park. the rest of them seemed nice enough though.
anyway, back to the main story. we got a room, sorted out that we would go to sydney, and went to bed. another great day, but only one more day of dirt to go. this makes me a sad sad panda...

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