second half of day 13

day 13 Rest of the day from Marree to Lyndhurst.
after the bright moment of civilization that was an internet center, we continued on to lyndhurst. more corrugations, more dust, more sand. more fun too though, and it was heading towards the gateway to the strezlecki. when we got in we went straight to the roadhouse to refuel and pick up the 10litre jerry. now we called this roadhouse from coober pedy to check that they had jerrys after yet another round of disinformation that included
-lyndhurst wouldn't have jerry cans
-that it was illegal to camp anywhere on the strezlecki
-that camerons wouldn't have any fuel.
lyndhurst had jerrys in every size from 5 to 20 litres, there are designated camping spots all along the the track and as long as you move well away from the road you can bush camp all along it, and not only does camerons have fuel but it also has a great feed and some of the best people we've met all trip.
but back to lyndhhurst. we went into the roadhouse to find that although we had called a few days earlier they couldn't be bothered to check if they a 10ltr. the actual response from the owner was "you get what you're given round here". asshole. the number of people i've since spoken to who have had problems there beggar belief. if the pub would just start selling fuel everyone would way happier and the roadhouse would be out of business in a week. the pub was brilliant. great food, great service, and a good camp site. got ourselves a good jerry from the pub that fits really well on the bike, finished sorting out the rest of our gear and had dinner. good day.

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