and since we're home, more days reports. day 14

day 14 Lyndhurst to Camerons Corner.
it was a bit of a late start as we had to finish the packing and change the way the fuel and water was fitted to my bike. we decided to run 10ltrs of fuel on each side of my bike, and 5 liters of water just behind my seat, you'll see what i mean when we get the photos up. this morning was the start of what was to be one of my favorite sections. this was the track i was most looking forward to. not so much the part from lyndhurst, but the section from the merty merty turn off to the corner.
the first part of the track was a bit of a disappointment for me. there are big chunks of asphalt all along it now and it was dusty as hell.that hasn't been such a problem except that this time the wind was very still and the dust just sat on the track without moving at all. usually you'd just ride next to the person you're with. that would be fine except for the fact that Boo likes to use the whole road. she figures she pays for the whole road, she might as well use it all. makes it a bit difficult to ride beside her. i'll admit i was getting a bit grumpy about the amount of dust i was sucking following her. i may have got a bit cranky at some points along the first part of the track. just a little bit quite a lot. as soon as the wind picked up it was awesome. so much fun. the wind was blowing the dust straight off the track and we were able to run it up a bit .and once we got to the turn off it just got better. fast swoopy sandy tracks that just kept urging you to tip it in harder and open the throttle more.
we ended up camping about 80 klms away from the corner as it was starting to get a bit dark and we wanted to have one bush camp on the strezlecki. just because you do. beautiful sunset, then a nice dinner and warm fire. perfect. what a day.

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