Going to fix it with an angle grinder...

so i was testing the tank tonight.
have i mentioned that we've got the 30ltr safari tanks on the DR's?
we've got 30ltr safari tanks on the DR's.
so i was testing the tank tonight. the way the tank is designed the lowest part of the tank is slightly below the intake of the carby, and the hard pipe that feeds the carb turns up at a right angle pointing straight up. add to that loop over the top the flexible line makes from the tank, and the highest point of the line is well above the level where the tank goes to reserve.
that means that when you run out of fuel to keep the bike running, there's still around 120klm left in the tank. and no way to use it.
double fuck.
i wasn't sure this was the case until i tested it tonight. i put a 10ltr jerry on the back of the bike and went for a ride. when i got to 478klm the bike started to splutter. switch over to reserve and... dead.
coast to a gentle stop having run out of fuel. but it's ok because that was my plan. remember the 10ltr jerry from like 4 sentences ago?
check that it definitely isn't going to start up without more fuel in it, and i can see that it isn't by shining a flashlight in there and seeing the fuel over the height of the reserve pipe.
yep, triple fuck.
absolutely going to have to fix this with an angle grinder. going to have to cut the hard pipe just as it starts to curve up. as close to the curve as i can. then clamp the fuel hose to the stub of the hard line.
that should fix it.
so anyways, pour the 10 litres into the tank which should give me another 190klms and i'll fix it with the cutters on the weekend.
aren't you just shitting yourself with pleasure that you bothered to read all crap to find out what happened?
but go to hell, you've got 2 updates in 2 days. what more do you want?
and as soon as i workout how to link some photos in here, you'll have photos of all this garbage. and no, it doesn't work by using the thumbnail link. i've tried that.
here is me trying it again from a different computer...

did it work?
son of a bitch, go fuck yourself. why is it working now when it wouldn't at work?
still go to hell, i'm too lazy exhausted to do it now.
tomorrow maybe.
or maybe the one full of parasite can do something here???


  1. So you got another safari tank? I didn't know so much sits in the bottom.. thats stupid!

  2. nah, we're still going to try and steal yours when you're not looking.
    there is a simple fix but it means pulling the carb out of the bike.
    i'll do it but it's a pain in the ass. going to do the same mod to boo's bike even without the tank so she can use yours.
    give us a yell if you want that chain and you can grab the breaker at the same time.
    catch you soon/.