When you have half an hour spare, what do you do?

no, not masturbate, prep stuff for the trip.
when i had a bit of time free at work today (not really free, but taking a break stopped me from fine tuning a malfunctioning gear system with a lump hammer)i thought i'd have a look at how to carry some water for the trip.
i had a bit of 2mm checkerplate left over from... whatever the fuck i was working on last month so i bent up a carrier to hold the 5ltr water container we got.
first fitting

with the container on

held on by the pannier bag (and some small velcro loops i have left over from bicycle pumps)

and from the back it makes both sides of the bike the same width (seeing as how the exhaust sticks out so far on the off drive side)

and because i've not bothered to put many photos up here,

fear my duct tape skilz! 8 months later and still holding strong. trailside repair to MysteryNames XTZ on the honeymoon ride we did.

now get lost, i'm busy finding pr0n track information to camerons.

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