So whilst he is off doing stuff to the bikes and deciding which roads we shall travel, I turn my head to preparing myself. In the sense of being physically prepared and getting my Uni work in order (can't you see thats what I'm doing right now!!).

So preparing my Uni stuff - exam rescheduled (check), figured out a way to access the online lectures (ummmmmmm.... which towns are going to have internet access again Lupine?), figured out a way to carry my books and laptop (yeah about that....)

Preparing me (was it mentioned that I will be 17 weeks pregnant when we leave for this trip? yeah well I will be) - building core strength (check - personal trainer is working me into the ground), doctors appointment made for the day before we leave (check), hospital appointments rescheduled for when we get back (check, we ride back in on the 20th to go straight to the hospital for the 20 week scan, following day back up there to see the midwives).

So yeah, thats me.

Now back to that Uni work.....

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